How To Order

United States

NOTE: Univar only sells to properly licensed companies that can purchase and or apply specialty chemical products. We do not sell to consumers.

Online through Univar Online Store

To order online through Univar Online Store you must first be an active Univar customer. Click on the "Register Now" link, or call our 800 number listed above to get set up.

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By ProCenter

Visit your local Univar ProCenter and you will find convenient and friendly walk-in service at each of our many Univar ProCenter locations across the entire United States and US Territories.

By Phone

Call your Univar Customer Service Representative to place your order at:

1 (800) 888-4897

Calling our 800 number above will automatically route your call to the nearest Univar ProCenter to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives.

Who We Are

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Welcome to Univar Environmental Sciences,
the leading distributor of specialty chemicals
and equipment.

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