• Structural Pest Control

    Helping professionals in the structural
    pest control industry succeed through an
    unrivaled range of exceptional products,
    equipment and expertise.
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  • Vegetation Management

    Providing the Canadian vegetation management industry with the latest industrial, forestry, and non-cropland vegetation control products.
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  • Food Processing

    Providing an extensive product selection
    for food processing professionals from
    fumigants and insecticides to application
    equipment and safety supplies.
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  • Post Harvest

    Offering an extensive line of products
    for preservation and product quality
    improvement during post harvest food
    handling, storage and processing.
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  • Public Health

    Offering a broad line of vector control
    and mosquito products and deep expertise
    to Public Health professionals.
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  • Animal Health

    Supplying professionals with the
    chemical products, equipment and
    services they need in the Poultry,
    Dairy, Cattle and Swine Markets.
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  • Turf & Ornamental

    Offering an extensive line of herbicides,
    fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers and growth
    regulators as well as application equipment
    for the turf and ornamental professional.
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  • Hay Production

    A reliable resource providing products
    and expertise to the hay production
    market for over 30 years.
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  • Wildlife Management

    Providing an extensive offering of Wildlife Management products as well as other pest control product needs.
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Welcome to Univar Environmental Sciences,
the leading distributor of specialty chemicals
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